Kota Belud

Kemarau di kota belud sabah 3/3/19

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Malay Traditional Dance by pupils from SK. Taun Gusi, Kota Belud

[ad_1]2 singers from year 5 Alpha + 8 dancers from year 2 class

Jalan-jalan Tamu Kota Belud Sabah.

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Mantanani 浮潛

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Tamu Kg. Rosok, Kota Belud, Sabah.

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[我的青蔥歲月] Mantanani Island - Day Trip Video By Pinky Wai

[ad_1]I love this place.Grestest holiday Ever!玩得很盡興

Stars Nightlapse In Campsite Kampung Melangkap Kota Belud Sabah | Gopro

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Mantanani Misc - Shell, Shrimp, cuttlefish, sea urchin, christmas tree worm

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Playing Frisbee at Kota Belud

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Immersione 2 a Mantanani 9 Settembre 2017

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Mantanani: hands off our beach!

[ad_1]Josie & Morgan take over the beach at sunset.#Man


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